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Frequently Asked Questions


Have any questions about us or about our services?  Most of the frequently asked questions are listed below.  If you still have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.




I don't live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, can you still do my video?

We most certainly can! We can create slideshows for people all over the world.

General What makes your video slideshow service the best among the rest?

At Cherish Life’s Moments, we take the moments you have captured and turn them into an emotional time travel back to the cherished moments in your life. We create a story that will take you, as well as everyone you share your video with, on a journey to witness all of the people, places, and things that have meant the most to have made you who you are today!  We create a video slideshows for the same reason you enjoy watching them, to rekindle the emotions those cherished moments have given you. For some, it may be to celebrate a life changing event, a milestone, or a special occasion. For others, it may be a tribute to a loved one who is no longer here, that we always want to remember for all of the cherished gifts and lessons the have given us over the years. For a business owner, a slideshow may be the deciding factor between choosing their service over the competition! Cherish Life’s Moments creates a “theme” for each and every video, that is second to none! Each and every video is customized specifically for YOU! No two video will ever be the same. Once you watch your video, you will see how much time, effort, and emotion we put into creating this masterpiece for you. You will have no doubt, as to why we are the best!

If we find less expensive videos elsewhere, will you match prices?

No. We do not price match.  We know that our videos are the best of the best. If we were to lower our prices, we would have to lessen the time we put into our videos which would mean a lower quality video. We will not put our name on a low quality video!


What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards, Money Orders & Cashier Checks.

When do I pay for the video?

The total amount due will need to be made at the time you place your order.

What program do you use to create my video?

Almost anyone can purchase just one program and create an ordinary slideshow. However, we do not use just one program to create our videos. We have invested thousands of dollars in multiple software programs and equipment that we use in combination to create our videos. This is why our videos are so unique and customized for each individual customer.

Can I play the DVD disc of my photos on a DVD or Blu-Ray player?

You sure can! Just put in the DVD we have created for you and watch your cherished moments over and over again!

Do you guarantee my video to be a certain length?

No. The time is not guaranteed to a specific time. However, it will be as close as possible to the time stated on the specific package purchased. The time variance will be due to the amount of pictures included in the video, as well as the length of each song selected for the video

What if my time length to show the video needs to be limited?

If you have a limited time for your slideshow to be viewed, we will absolutely work with you to meet that timing. Sometimes you may need to leave out some photos, or sometimes you may need to add. Either way, our consultants work closely with you to make sure all your needs are met.

What is your typical production time?

From the date we receive your materials, it typically takes 7-10 business days to complete your order. That does not include shipping time. The completion time is dependent on the schedule of other orders in the queue, which package you want and the complexity of the order. Larger, more complex orders may take longer. If you need rush service, please let us know IN ADVANCE of placing the order. Additional charges apply for expedited orders.

Can I show the video at my wedding reception?

Most definitely! What better way to introduce the bride and groom to all your family and friends! Especially those who came from miles away and may be meeting your new spouse for the very first time. We can start your video with childhood photos and work up to the time you met all the way to your engagement. It is a wonderful way to capture the journey that has brought you to this special day and to be able to share that with all of your guests, just adds to the entire experience!

Can you make a video for events that are not listed?

We sure can! We have listed the most popular occasions for our videos. Planning is the key to any successful event so don’t wait until the day of the event, send us your pictures now! The sooner the better to guarantee the video to be completed for your special occasion.

I'm a little nervous about placing my photos in the mail.

This is understandable. Although there is always a risk when shipping something, to date, we have never had any photos lost or damaged during shipping. The safest, fastest and easiest way to get your photos and music to us is to digitally upload directly in the “My Account” section on our website. However, if you do decide to send your photos and music by mail, here are some suggestions to help your photos arrive safely: Package your photos well and place them in zip-loc baggies. Package your photos so that they will not move around in the box. If you are sending us your pictures on CD, make a copy for yourself. Cherish Life’s Moments will handle your pictures as if they were our own. We leave them in the packaging until it is time to scan, then we carefully place them back.

How should I mail my photographs, videos, and documents to Cherish Life's moments?

We will send you a shipping box to put all of your precious pictures, videos, and documents in. We will take extreme care in handling your prize possessions. When finished making your treasured video, we will send all of your items back with you with your amazing video we created for the items you provided to us.

What type of photos should I use for my treasured keepsake?

While digital photos are preferred for both the quality and ease in transfer, you may certainly send us your paper photos to be scanned in at the highest quality (600dpi). Our scanning process automatically performs basic color adjustments as well as dust and scratch removal to assure the best quality possible for your video slideshow.  Photos that have been cropped at odd angles, used in scrapbooks, or have extensive tears or water damage are not recommended for your video. In addition, having a variety of horizontal and vertical photos will give more dimension to your slideshow.

Can I scan my photos myself rather than sending them to you to be scanned?

You sure can! Just be sure you are using the highest dpi setting (at least 600dpi) on your scanner to ensure the best quality images for your video slideshow.

Can you scan copyrighted material?

Yes, but only with a VALID copyright release from the photographer. If a copyright release cannot be obtained, the Photo Archiving Order Form contains a waiver stating that the photos are reproduced for personal archival use ONLY and not for commercial distribution.

How do you order the photos on the discs when they are scanned?

We will scan the photos in the order by which we receive them from you. For example, if you have a collection of photos documenting a child growing up, please stack the photos in order from youngest to oldest and we will scan in that order. If we receive photos in no particular order, we will assume you did not have any preference in scan order.

What quality are my photos scanned at?

We prefer to scan photos at 600dpi. Although this results in a little more time spent scanning, you end up with digital images suitable use in your treasured keepsake.

Can I send you slides or negatives to make pictures from?

No, I am sorry we do not have a service for this type of media at this time.

Can I use my printer to print photos that are on my computer?

Yes, but we do not recommend this. It has been our experience that photos printed from personal computers do not print at a good enough quality and the photo paper used is normally not a high enough quality paper. Therefore, when the personally printed photo is re-scanned, it makes a visibly poor quality photo. We recommend that you simply place your photos that are on your computer onto a CD, and send us the CD. It’s cheaper for you, takes much less time than printing out the photos, and you’ll have much better results for your video..

What size pictures should I send?

If you are sending digital files, you may send us .JPEG, .PNG, or .TIF files. They should be at least 1000×750 pixels (right click on the photo, select “Properties” and look at the “Details” tab to find this number). If you are scanning in your photos and sending the digital versions to us, please make sure to scan at 300dpi or more. If you are sending us paper photographs, we can accept anything from wallet size to 8×10.

Can I add video or verbal messages on the slide show presentation?

Yes. Send us your messages and we will be happy to include them in your video. For best results, be sure to let us know where you would like the message place in the video.

Can I include video clips in my photo slideshow DVD?

You certainly can! All of our packages include the option to include photos as well as video clips. Please keep your video clips to a maximum of 2 minutes long for best results. We are able to work with .mpg, .mov, .mpeg, and .avi file types. If you decide you would like to include video clips, please let us know the start/stopping time on your video submission.

I have photos that are still stuck to album pages. Do they need to be removed first?

Yes. The photos will need to be removed from the album for the best quality. However, if removing them from the album will cause damage to the photo(s), we can still attempt to scan them while in the album. This may result in a poorer quality scan, but it may be possible. We will do all that we can to get the best quality, but we assure you, we will not damage a photo, just to include it into the video, we know how precious and irreplaceable they are! Contact us if you have questions regarding albums.

How do you get the music I want to play in the video?

Music is a key factor in creating the right mood for your video. Music is included for each package up to a certain number of songs. The number of songs and photos you provide us, will determine the package best suited for your needs. That package will determine the quantity of each allowed. If you send us more songs than what is included in your package, we will put them in the video in the order you send them to us. Please let us know if you would like specific songs in a specific order in the video.

Check out our list of suggested songs. The songs are only suggestions. We don’t own any of the songs. We purchase music only from legal, legitimate internet sites. We can also use royalty-free music when available and appropriate. If you provide us with the music, we can accept and use only legally-purchased CDs. No home-burned music CDs or files will be accepted. All music you send us will be returned to you when the video is completed.

Copyright laws regarding music are tough and are enforced. Cherish Life’s Moments only obtains music legally and requires that customers do the same. Our videos are created for private use only. We send them to you with the understanding that they are not intended for resale, you will not charge a fee for people to view them, and they will not be used for any other purpose other than for the customers’ private use. It is not possible to copy our videos. Addition videos are available, but at an addition cost.

What about copyright?

Since almost all music has a copyright, you must supply us the original CD, upload digital verision or we can purchase a copy from a legitimate vendor such as I-Tunes, Rhapsody, etc. You must agree also, that the viewing of this is for personal use (not for resale) to be enjoyed with your family and friends at no charge. We also have royalty-free music on stock at no extra charge that we can use.