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Our commitment at Cherish Life’s Moments, is to take your photos, videos, memories, and cherished moments and turn them into your very own customized keepsake to share and enjoy with generations to come.  We asked ourselves, “Why is it, that the only time a celebratory video is made is for the passing of a loved one?” Then we decided that there are so many significant moments during our lives that we should capture in time and share them with friends and family, while we are still alive, still creating those Cherished Life’s Moments! What better way to preserve your memories and milestones, than to have a personalized video, capturing your cherished life’s moments as they happen? Not to mention that these videos can be viewed for years to come and passed down from generation to generation to enjoy. They will certainly stand the test of time. What Cherished Life Moment would you like us to get started creating for you today?